Network of agencies from the Central West and the Mississauga Halton LHINs.

Metamorphosis Leadership Team

The leadership team is made up of leaders of agencies from the CSS, mental health and addictions sectors. There is equal representation from the geographic regions of the Central West and the Mississauga Halton LHIN.

Strategic Plan

Key Goals of the network are to work with service providers to achieve enhanced client service, knowledge transfer across agencies, service integration and meaningful engagement of health providers. 

Metamorphosis agencies support an effective way of supporting individuals to remain healthy and active members of their community.

Articles & Resources

Ontario Ministry of Seniors & Accessibility
In March 2013 the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care released its report for creating a provincial health care strategy for Ontario seniors.

Strategic Plan

The Metamorphosis Leadership Strategic Plan is based on four priorities.


Metamorphosis has many History Highlights. We would like to share just some of our accomplishments.