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Metamorphosis Key Messages

October 5, 2023
  1. The Region is the primary source of support and funding for newcomers, youth, seniors and families and those with the highest needs.
    • Most of the municipal community services, from housing to youth services, to childcare to equity programs, are funded or coordinated at the Regional level. The dissolution could seriously disrupt services very vulnerable people rely on.
  2. Community-based agencies are the backbone of the social services sector, serving hundreds of thousands of people across the region, and need to be a central part of the planning in the transition
    • Non-profits work at the front line of community services. We are connected to communities and have the data to guide this process, as we did during the pandemic, so we need to be at the table from the start.
  3. The dissolution of Peel comes at a time when the Region is experiencing a multitude of crises. This risks making them worse.
    • The dissolution comes at a time when the community service sector is already stretched to the breaking point. Funding is below appropriate levels and Peel is experiencing a crisis around the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, inequality, discrimination, settlement, social assistance, cost of living and domestic violence – these are all areas that are addressed through human services which will be affected by this change. The Region has also done some valuable work in addressing racism, equity, and poverty, by supporting and facilitating the creation of community based initiatives in those areas that have made important progress. We need to avoid losing that base of success in the face of these critical issues.
  4. We need an investment in resources to make sure the dissolution does not harm marginalized and vulnerable children, youth and families in Peel
    • Peel services are already underfunded compared to other regions. Our housing crisis is out of control, our community services are stretched to the breaking point. The added pressure of this change could do real harm if we don’t ensure the province makes the investments needed to support the transition.
  5. A network of 80 non-profits came together to help ensure the process works
    • In response to the announcement that Peel was dissolving, a team of community and service sector leaders assembled over 80 non-profit agencies of all sizes and types across the Region to form the Metamorphosis Network, on June 26th. This growing group united to provide a collective voice and ensure that Peel-based human services and the people who use them are front and centre during this transition.
  6. Metamorphosis Network is committed to working with all stakeholders throughout the transition period to promote continuity, stability and adequacy within the social services sector.
    • Peel’s Metamorphosis Network is committed to working with the Transition Board appointed to oversee the dissolution on an ongoing basis and to provide knowledge and promote continuity, stability and adequacy within the social services sector. The Network is also committed to working with the Region, municipalities, the community and the province during the transition period. Peel’s dissolution may be the pilot project for future municipal restructuring, so it is important that it is done well, as a collaborative effort.


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