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October 16, 2023

What happens next?

On December 13, 2023, the Ontario provincial government announced that Bill 112 (Hazel McCallion Act) will be revised and the dissolution of Peel will not move forward as intended. While we do not know the full extent of this new plan, we know some service amendments are still coming. The Metamorphosis Network will continue to play a role in shaping those changes. Vulnerable people in Peel deserve social services that meet provincial standards, and ours still need to be adequately funded to address local needs, so returning to the status quo is not an option.

The Metamorphosis Network will continue to work with the provincially-appointed transition board and other partners to help guide their recommendations. We will continue to update you on emerging issues and decisions during this time.

Use the “Contact Us” page to let us know what you think.

What does the Region of Peel do?

In Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, the following services are managed and delivered by the Region of Peel:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Homelessness Services and Shelters
  • Welfare and Support Programs
  • Childcare and Children’s Services
  • Funding for Community Programs
  • Water & Sewage
  • Garbage Collection
  • Major Road Management and Maintenance
  • Public Health and Addiction Services
  • Paramedics/Emergency Medical Services
  • Transportation for People with Disabilities
  • Developmental Services
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Services for Seniors


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